Air Quality Sensor (outdoor use), LoRaWAN®

It is an IoT device for measuring air quality:
Temperature, Humidity, CO2, atmospheric pressure, VOC and air quality index.

– Low power consumption and long wireless range
– Dimensions (mm): 260x143x75
– Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
– Power Supply: 2 lithium batteries (3.6V)
– Degree of Protection: IP67
– Up to 10 years of battery autonomy
– Internal antenna
– Outdoor use



NB-AQI It is an IoT enabled device to measure CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Barometric Pressure, VOC.
It is a portable and robust solution to obtain air quality information and detect PM2.5, PM10 airborne particles in any environment.
It allows to capture data directly from meeting rooms, offices, classrooms and home and outdoor spaces.
Configuration is done through the LPWAN network, with periodic data encryption and transmission based on events or real-time updates.


Mode Environmental measurement
Function Air Quality Meter
Technology LoRaWAN®
Frequency AS923, AU915 & EU868
Transmission Range 15 km urban radius
Receiver Sensitivity -140 dBm
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Sensors CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Humidity, Light, Barometric Pressure, VOC
Dimensions (mm) 260 x 143 x 75
Operating Voltage 3,6 V Nominal
Power Supply 2xAA (3.6V) Lithium
Antenna Type Internal
Degree of Protection IP54

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