SKU: Sen-Probe-3B-120

Soil Moisture 120 cm


IoT probe to measure soil humidity and temperature.

It is a portable and robust solution to know the concentration of water in the soil, allowing to know precisely how much water to irrigate and when to do it.

Supports external power supply, batteries with solar option

Configuration through the LPWAN network, periodic, data encryption and transmission based on events or in real time.

Radio Compliance:

  • RCM mark for AUS / NZ
  • AS / NZS 4268, AS / NZS CISPR
  • LoraWAN: 915-928 MHz, 868MHz
  • Sigfox: RC1, RC2, RC3 & RC4

Transmission Range: 15 km Urban Radio

RF transmitter:

  • LoRAWAN: SX1276
  • Sigfox: WSSFM10R4AT

Receiver Sensitivity: -140 dBm

Operation Temperature: -40 ° C ~ 60 ° C

Sensors: Temperature and water concentration in the soil

Enclosure: Type B

Dimensions (mm): 220 x 110 x 66

Weight: 160g (transmitter)

Operating Voltage: 3.6V Nominal

Power Supply: 1 x D (3.6V) Lithium

Antenna Type: External SMA

Protection: IP67

Mounting Type: Box mounted with 6 screws