SKU: Oyster-GPS

GPS over IoT


GPS / IoT Devices for Asset Geolocation. It can work in Ultra low power consumption mode, it has an accelerometer, built-in antenna.

Housing IP-67 resistant to UV rays, and can be installed in assets exposed to rain, dust and marine conditions.

Operating Temperature: -20 to 75 ° C

It is a portable and robust solution to obtain information from any industrial environment:

  • Asset tracking, GeoFence
  • Logistics services
  • Animal tracking
  • Geolocation of machinery

Configuration through the LPWAN network, periodic, data encryption and transmission based on events or in real time.

Radio Compliance:

  • RCM mark for AUS / NZ
  • AS / NZS 4268, AS / NZS CISPR
  • LoraWAN: 915-928 MHz, 868MHz
  • Sigfox: RC1, RC2, RC3 & RC4

Transmission Range: 15 km Urban Radio

Receiver Sensitivity: -140 dBm

Operation Temperature: -20 ° C ~ 75 ° C

Sensors: GPS and accelerometer

Enclosure: Type D

Dimensions (mm): 137x71x30

Weight: 90g

Operating Voltage: 3.6V Nominal

Power Supply: 2 x AA (1.5V) Lithium

Protection: IP67

Mounting Type: Box mounted with 4 screws