Narrowbits IoT Cloud Platform

The Narrowbits IoT Cloud Platform is one of the three variants of Narrowbits platforms. It was designed from scratch to implement, configure, and deploy industrial IoT integrations. It provides a set of secure and scalable tools for device and data management.
The Narrowbits platform supports multi-tenancy, allowing individual users to have their own access account, which can be initiated in their preferred platform, either cloud or on-premise.

Narrowbits Platform as Middleware supports standard applications for industrial systems, building automation, analytics, energy management, and smart metering, including:
– Janitza – GridVis & Energy Portal
Delta Controls – enteliWEB
Optergy – Proton & Enterprise
SkySpark – Analytics
– Tridium – Integration Platform
Robotron – Smart Metering & Billing



Narrowbits IoT Cloud Platform is a secure and scalable web-based platform that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise for device and data management.

– Access from any device via web apps
– Customizable dashboard for data visualization
– Reporting and historical charting capabilities
– API for data export to third-party software
– Configuration and automated alerts and alarms
– Table downloads in Excel format
– Customizable reporting options


Network Agnostic
Narrowbits is network agnostic, whether your device operates on Sigfox, LoRa (public or private network), or NB-IoT, the Narrowbits platform can securely store, analyze, and visualize your information through HTTP, MQTT, or any specific API.
Temperature, water usage, GPS location, or any other KPI from your device’s sensors can be easily decoded using our user-friendly Driver Generator for quick integration of devices from any manufacturer.

Reports and Alerts
The Narrowbits platform automatically consolidates your data in the most fitting manner for your device’s behavior, enabling truly rapid analysis and visualization. It also features virtual fields that can manipulate data to generate new parameters based on any of the device’s sensing capabilities. Alerts are intrinsic to all devices, with upper and lower thresholds automatically generated for each device, which can trigger email or SMS notifications for subscribed users.

Monitor the current and historical location of your sensor fleet and generate statistics such as operating hours, travel distance, fault status, and more. Customize your maps with specific GIS layers or set up geofences.
Geographical or administrative zones can also be configured to visualize, group, and manage your devices.

Open API
Access your device data through Narrowbits’ RESTful HTTP API. The HTTP API is secured with basic HTTP key and authentication token. Narrowbits can be integrated with third-party solutions such as SCADA systems, DCS, building management systems, and ERP systems through MQTT, HTTP, Modbus IP/TCP connections. Narrowbits already provides integration with various industrial, energy management, and building automation systems.

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