NBnano On-premise IoT Platform, ModBus / LoRaWAN®, Datalogger

NBnano On-premise IoT Platform, Modbus/LoRaWAN®, Datalogger.

– API-Rest, Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet interface.
– End-to-End data security (HTTPS, MQTT).
– RJ-45 Ethernet connection (internet access).
– Dimensions: 130 x 130 x 40 mm.
– Configurable alerts and notifications.
– Sensor data visualization and export.
– Local storage of sensor data.
– Local access via WiFi.
– Remote access via VPN (optional).
– Lorawan Gateway (optional).
– Supports hundreds of LoRaWAN devices.
– Operating voltage: 12VDC.
– Power supply: 220VAC to 12VDC adapter (included).



The NBnano is a LoRaWAN Appliance that integrates the IoT world with industrial Control Systems, Automation, Energy Management, and BMS (Building Management System) through industry-standard interfaces.
It is a portable and robust solution that allows for converting any LoRaWAN sensor to BACnet, Modbus, or MQTT. It functions as an On-premise system for visualizing LoRaWAN sensors on an IoT dashboard.

Main applications:
– Building Automation
– Energy Management
– SCADA Systems
– Protocol Conversion
– Datalogger


Mode On-premise IoT Platform
Function Device management and sensor data logging for LoRaWAN devices. Protocol conversion for BMS and SCADA systems.
Maximum Number of Devices Supports up to 1,500 devices*
Processor 2.0 – 2.70GHz Intel Celeron J4125
Storage 128GB SSD
Operating System Linux-based
Dimensions (mm) 130 x 130 x 40
Weight 800g
Operating Temperature -10°C to +60°C
Power Supply Input AC100-240V, Output DC12V-5A/3A
Interfaces 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 2x RS232 serial ports, 2x Ethernet ports, WiFi with adapter for 2 antennas* Based on an average of 5 KPIs per device

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